„Laufen wird einfacher, je mehr du läufst.“

Ayman Salem
Mo Farah

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1. Laufen wird einfacher, je mehr du läufst, its is very healthy you get stronger body, it makes you more active, its fun, you see lots of places while you run & lots of people, most of runners you get to know are very nice people so you make many like minded friends by time.

2. At young age I liked to run just like any child playing, but I didn’t like to run for long times or distances simply because it makes me tired, but when I started practicing rowing, I had to excercise running which was difficult at the beginning but day after day I got stronger & faster, which made me learn that everything comes with practice and made me don’t want to stop running to not get weaker. I consider rowing was the turning point for me in running & fitness.
3. I have lots of great running memories, one of which when me & a friend decided to go out for a long run and as we run we encouraged each other to why not make it longer by reaching a farther place & so on, that day i ran in places I’ve never been to on foot.
4. Yes, my favorite route is an 8k in Zamalek island in Cairo, many trees & by the nile river, great atmosphere.
5. I enjoy fartlek method.
6. I run alone when I train for an upcoming race but if no races are coming soon – I always run with friends, and this means I usually meet them before and after the run, but while running its very isolated, this is how I conceive running, especially long distances.
7. Yes, Cairo Runners and Zamalek runners.
8. Yes, they are not famous athletes but they are some of my elder running friends that I look up to for their decency beside they are great runners.
9. organizing is very important for me, I like to train early morning so I get the best benefit of clean air and sun, and then have the rest of the day to make use of & of course to get proper diet and rest.
10. No I don’t listen to music while running but sometimes I listen to audio books.
11. Sometimes I do so & many times I dont, I’ve used Run Keeper, Nike & Starva.
12. I learned that if you don’t run you’ll probably thing no-one runs, but if you run you’ll think that most people do run, thats because you put yourself around them in either ways. 🙂
13. I have just finished my first marathon, so i want to do it again, I wish for more PRs and new places to enjoy running in.