„Auf Grönland zu laufen wäre cool!“

Niv Tadmore, Partner @ Clayton Utz
Melbourne, Australia|

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What do you like most about running?


To get to the zone when you feel like you float above the ground


  1. How did you become a runner?


I did a 100km charity walk and became fitter and started to run short distances.  Then I visited Boston, went for a run along CharlesRiver and got  lost (don’t ask me how) and by the time I got to the hotel it was 8km, so I sad now I am a runner!


  1. What is your favorite running memory?


Running the half marathon at the great ocean road in Victoria, Australia which is 23km and hilly – on my 50th birthday! We then had a lovely family lunch.


  1. Do you have a favorite route?


In Melbourne – Gardiners Creek  – nature, not busy – just perfect.





  1. What is your favorite exercise/your favorite training?




  1. Do you run alone or with friends ?




  1. Are you member of a running club ?




  1. Do you have role models in running ?




  1. How do you organize your training time ?.



Around family and work, and I travel a lot so I run in many cities in Australia and around the world – just travel with  my running shoes and some gear and off I go on a run!


  1. Do you listen to music while running ? If yes what kind of music?


Uplifting trance!


  1. Do you log your runs with an app or a GPS watch? Which programm you use?


Nike Running Club


  1. What did you learn while being a runner?


Pace yourself, don’t strike on your hills too hard, don’t compete with anyone – run to enjoy and grow, run to be healthy body and mind




  1. Do you have any goals for your running ? What’s on the bucket list ?


Running in places around the world – want more of that – Greenland would be cool! Auf Grönland zu laufen wäre cool!




Niv Tadmore, Partner
Clayton Utz
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